Coast Guard called to eight separate sea swimming incidents in just four days

The organisation is appealing to be people to be careful

Siobhan McNamara


Siobhan McNamara


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Swimmers urged to be extra careful after Coast Guard is called to eight incidents

Sea swimming and other forms of wild swimming have grown hugely popular this year, with more people than ever before taking to the water for a regular dip.

However, this increase in wild swimming has also led to a higher number of callouts the Irish Coast Guard who co-ordinated and tasked crews to no less than eight incidents in just four days this week.

Many of those taking part in sea swimming or who are swimming in inland lakes and rivers are not aware of the dangers that can catch them unawares. These include strong currents, changing currents, varying tides and rapidly changing conditions at this time of year. 

As a result, the Coast Guard is asking people to check the weather and tides before going for a swim and to familiarise themselves with safety advice from Water Safety Ireland at as well as the government's safety on the water guidelines at

Anyone who suspects that someone is in difficulty on the water should call 999 or 112 without delay.