15 Aug 2022

Hammer heroics could help clubs nail down the county crown

Hammer heroics could help clubs nail down the county crown

Saoirse Allen (St Senan's AC) in action in the high jump during the girls under-15 multi events at the Irish Life Health combined events at Morton Stadium. Picture: Harry Murphy/Sportsfile

The fate of the title for 2018’s best overall juvenile track and field club in the county rests upon one discipline set for next Friday night – the hammer.
Kilkenny City Harriers (KCH) are in the lead at present, but despite having 358 points to their name the Harriers may have to do a little more work to retain their title with assurity.
As the largest club in the county, the number of athletes they had competing over the three stages of the county championships were phenomenal, especially in the ages of 10 to 14 year olds.
However, it was a sea of red that washed over Scanlon Park for the third round of action last Friday evening. Gowran AC had virtually every child north of Graignamanagh, East of Kilkenny and reaching far into Borris in Carlow, representing the club.
In event after event, the red singlet of Gowran dominated the starting line. After a concerted effort, Gowran have now narrowed the gap between themselves and KCH to 37 points, having a cumulative score of 321 points.
With eight juvenile hammer competitions set for the fourth round of the county games this Friday evening, with a total of 48 points on offer, there is still the possibility that Gowran could eclipse the city club for the title of best track and field club. This makes for a very exciting finish to the juvenile county championships this year.
Behind these two clubs the positioning changed hands on Friday night with St Senan’s AC overtaking St Joseph’s AC to climb into third spot. St Senan’s have 190 points, with St Joseph’s on 173.
Top Three
The KCH trio of Robert Lacey, Paul Millea and Tiernan O’Brien made the boys’ under-10 300m look so easy as they sailed across the line to take the top three spots. Kate Maher of Castlecomer once again claimed an under-10 victory, this time in the 300m.
The boys’ shot-put competitions amassed by far the most numbers on Friday night with athletes across all clubs competing for the honours. The St Senan’s under-15 pair of Tadgh Connolly and Joe Roche remained impressive as they had been in other years, competing at a standard one would expect from All-Ireland contenders.
In the hurdles Gowran were very impressive across all ages, with Jordan Knight of St Joseph’s being the most impressive winner of the hurdling events as he claimed the boy’s under-16 title. KCH claimed many of the hurdles titles with the Leahy sisters Jennifer, Rachel and Laura, all successful.
The middle distance events saw Castlecomer’s Will Fox produce a fantastic finishing burst to claim the boys under-16 1,500m title, reaching the line just ahead of the under-17 champion Cathal Kearney (KCH).
David Williams of St Senan’s took off on the last lap and finished about 30m ahead of Gowran’s Billy Coogan, during a race where it appeared that either athlete could have been the eventual winner.
Molly O’Dornan of Castlecomer and Maria O’Keeffe of Thomastown had a ding-dong battle in the girls’ under-14 1,500m race with Maria finally taking the gold. Fiona Dillon (Thomastown) led from start to finish first in the girls’ under-15 1,500m with Hannah Kehoe of Gowran in second place and Eleanor Goddin of KCH third.
St Senan’s athletes chose to compete in the 3,000m instead of the 1,500m and dominated both the junior and senior events. Tara Ramsawmy and Aoife Allen claimed a one-two finish for the club in the junior race while Michelle McDonald won the senior race.
Elsewhere in the junior and senior ladies events it was Gowran who completely dominated, with every 400m runner hailing from the East Kilkenny club.
The sheer volume of athletes that came out to compete was in the junior and senior races was a welcome signal that senior athletics in Kilkenny is on the rise - very important for any club who seeks to successfully transition athletes from the juvenile to the senior ranks of competition.
James Kelly of Castlecomer ran a solo race to win the senior 3,000m race from Dean Rowe of Gowran. James has been competing with distinction for the past year and his exploits on the track have continued to grow.
In the field events the last event of the day, the javelin, brought the most exciting competition of the day. With many newcomers to the event, there was a large turnout of 20-plus competitors, covering virtually all clubs in the county.
A newcomer to athletics, Kenny Walsh of St Senan’s, emerged victorious over Adam Kenny of Brow Rangers and Emmet McAvinney of Gowran. Zak Denieffe (Gowran) secured the gold in the junior event with Patrick Darcy of Brow Rangers getting second.
Brow had their usual burst of success in all the throwing events. Kate Cullen won both the junior javelin and under-17 discus while Grainne Kelly won the under-19 discus.
As with previous stages of these championships, Barrow Harriers were prominent in the younger ages. No doubt they will be on the podium in the championships ages before too long.
Results, county track and field championships (day three). Club code: BH = Barrow Harriers, BR = Brow Rangers, CC = Castlecomer, G = Gowran, KCH = Kilkenny City Harriers, SJ = St Joseph’s, SS = St Senan’s, TT = Thomastown:
Boys’ under-8 200m: 1 Aaron Carrigan (G), 2 M.J. Carroll (G), 3 Conor Foley (BH).
Boys’ under-9 200m: 1 Robert Coogan (G), 2 Robert Cullen (KCH), 3 John Brennan (CC).
Boys’ under-10 300m: 1 Robert Lacey (KCH), 2 Paul Millea (KCH), 3 Tiernan O’Brien (KCH).
Boys’ under-11 300m: 1 Joseph O’Connor (SJ), 2 Aidan Keating (G), 3 Tom Kehoe (G).
Girls’ under-8 200m: 1 Mia Brennan (TT), 2 Kate Byrne (BH), 3 Emma Nicol (BH).
Girls’ under-9 200m: 1 Zoe Beck (TT), 2 Holly Drennan (G), 3 Molly Allen (SS).
Girls’ under-10 300m: 1 Kate Maher (CC), 2 Martha Bergin (KCH), 3 Emma Hogan (KCH).
Girls’ under-11 300m: 1 Molly Daly (KCH), 2 Laura Leahy (KCH), 3 Eimear Brennan (G).
Girls’ under-12 hurdles: 1 Eve Dunphy (SS), 2 Roisin Burns (KCH), 3 Cara Duggan (KCH).
Girls’ under-13 hurdles: 1 Blaithin Holden (KCH), 2 Caoimhe O’Connor (KCH), 3 Ella Maher (KCH).
Boys’ under-12 hurdles: 1 Liam O’Dwyer (G), 2 Evan Cullen (KCH), 3 Isaac Carew (SS).
Boys’ under-13 hurdles: 1 Alex Cullen (KCH), 2 Daniel Ring (KCH), 3 Eoin Aylward (SS).
Girls’ under-14 75m hurdles: 1 Maria Connolly (G), 2 Ellie Murray (G), 3 Aisling Fitzpatrick (G).
Boys’ under-14 75m hurdles: 1 Keelin Roche (SS), 2 Noah Scully (G), Luke Phelan (G).
Girls’ under-15 80m hurdles: 1 Rachel Leahy (KCH), 2 Erin Foley (SJ), 3 Anna Connolly (G).
Boys’ under-15 80m hurdles: 1 Evan O’Toole (SJ), 2 Tadgh Connolly (SS), 3 Joe Roche (SS).
Girls’ under-16 80m hurdles: 1 Clodagh Monahan (SS), 2 Eve O’Dwyer (G), 3 Robyn Denieffe (G).
Boys’ under-16 100m hurdles: 1 Jordan Knight (SJ), 2 Brogan McAviney (G), 3 Liam Lacey (SS).
Girls’ under-17 100m hurdles: 1 Jennifer Leahy (G), 2 Sophie Jackman (SS), 3 Eimear Doyle (SS).
Girls’ under-19 100m hurdles: 1 Ellen Purcell (G).
Boys’ under-19 100m hurdles: 1 Zack Denieffe (G).
Girls’ under-12 300m: 1 Eve Dunphy (SS), 2 Charlotte Carpendale (SS), 3 Hazel Coogan (G).
Girls’ under-13 300m: 1 Juliette Evans (SS), 2 Rachel O’Neill (G), 3 Caoimhe Phelan (SS).
Boys’ under-12 300m: 1 Patrick Lacey (KCH), 2 Darragh Dunne (G), 3 Isaac Carew (SS).
Boys’ under-13 300m: 1 Eoin Aylward (SS), 2 Sean Young (KCH), 3 Rory McEvoy (KCH).
Girls’ under-14 1,500m: 1 Maria O’Keeffe (TT), 2 Molly O’Dornan (CC), 3 Emily Murphy (CC).
Girls’ under-15 1,500m: 1 Fiona Dillon (TT), 2 Hannah Kehoe (G), 3 Eleanor Godden (KCH).
Girls’ under-16 1,500m: 1 Dara Murray (KCH).
Girls’ under-19 1,500m: 1 Ella Richardson (KCH), 2 Izzy Shine (KCH).
Boys’ under-14 1,500m: 1 David Williams (SS), 2 Billy Coogan (G), 3 Luke Phelan (G).
Boys’ under-15 1,500m: 1 Tadgh Connolly (SS), 2 Luke Dunne (KCH), 3 Cillian Dunne (G).
Boys’ under-16 1,500m: 1 Will Fox (CC), 2 Brogan McAviney (G), 3 Cathal O’Reilly (CC).
Boys’ under-17 1,500m: 1 Cathal Kearney (KCH), 2 John Muldowney (KCH).
Girls’ under-17 4x400m: 1 St Senan’s.
Boys’ under-15 4x400m: 1 Gowran.
Girls’ under-14 discus: 1 Ella Cusack (G), 2 Abbie O’Brien (KCH), 3 Rachel Foley (SJ).
Girls’ under-15 discus: 1 Erin Foley (SJ), 2 Anna Connolly (G).
Girls’ under-16 discus: 1 Eve O’Dwyer (G), 2 Robyn Denieffe (G).
Girls’ under-17 discus: 1 Kate Cullen (BR), 2 Sophie Jackman (SS), 3 Eimear Doyle (SS).
Girls’ under-19 discus: 1 Grainne Kelly (BR), 2 Ellen Purcell (G), 3 Ellen Buggy (CC).
Boys’ under-10 shot-put: 1 Tomas Carroll (G), 2 Odhran Prendergast (G), 3 Hugo Tierney (BH).
Boys’ under-11 shot-put: 1 Aidan Keating (G), 2 Dylan Brennan (CC), 3 Conor Duggan (TT).
Boys’ under-12 shot-put: 1 Jake Kelly (G), 2 Louis Raggett (KCH), 3 Liam O’Dwyer (G).
Boys’ under-13 shot-put: 1 Cain Scully (G), 2 Ben Wallis (SS), 3 Eli Dunne (CC).
Boys’ under-14 shot-put: 1 Billy Coogan (G), 2 David Williams (SS), 3 Noah Scully (G).
Boys’ under-15 shot-put: 1 Tadgh Connolly (SS), 2 Joe Roche (SS), 3 Luke Dunne (KCH).
Boys’ under-16 shot-put: 1 Jordan Knight (SJ), 2 Liam Lacey (SS), 3 Eoin Murphy (G).
Boys’ under-17 shot-put: 1 Lukas Frommann (TT).
Boys’ under-19 shot-put: 1 Andrew Buggy (BR), 2 Zack Denieffe (G).
Girls’ under-14 triple jump: 1 Abbie O’Brien (KCH), 2 Holly O’Toole (SJ), 3 Rachel Foley (SJ).
Girls’ under-15 triple jump: 1 Erin Foley (SJ), 2 Anna Connolly (G).
Girls’ under-16 triple jump: 1 Clodagh Monahan (SS), 2 Eve O’Dwyer (G), 3 Robyn Denieffe (G).
Girls’ under-17 triple jump: 1 Sophie Jackman (SS), 2 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), 3 Eimear Doyle (SS).
Girls’ under-19 triple jump: 1 Ellen Purcell (G).
Boys’ under-14 triple jump: 1 Keelin Roche (SS), 2 Conor Byrne (KCH), 3 Noah Scully (G).
Boys’ under-15 triple jump: 1 Evan O’Toole (SJ), 2 Cillian Dunne (G).
Boys’ under-16 triple jump: 1 Jordan Knight (SJ), 2 Cathal O’Reilly (CC), 3 Brogan McAviney (G).
Boys’ under-17 triple jump: 1 Lukas Frommann (TT).
Boys’ under-19 triple jump: 1 Zack Denieffe (G).
Ladies junior 400m: 1 Ellen Purcell (G), 2 Ruth Kennedy (G), 3 Coraline Lemaitre (G).
Ladies senior 400m: 1 Catriona Corr (G), 2 Eleanor Kennedy (G), 3 Niamh McCullagh (G).
Men’s junior 400m: 1 Rory McGabhann (KCH), 2 Zack Denieffe (G).
Men’s senior 400m: 1 Eoin Power (SJ), 2 Paddy O’Keeffe (G), 3 Padraig Crawford (G).
Ladies junior 3,000m: 1 Tara Ramaswamy (SS), 2 Aoife Allen (SS), 3 Ruth Kennedy (G).
Ladies senior 3,000m: 1 Michelle McDonald (SS), 2 Eleanor Kennedy (G), 3 Emma Cooke (G).
Ladies over-30 3,000m: 1 Kathryn Kennedy (G), 2 Catriona Corr (G), 3 Tracy Malone (SJ).
Men’s senior 3,000m: 1 James Kelly (CC), 2 Dean Rowe (G), 3 Paddy O’Keeffe (G).
Men’s over-40 3,000m: 1 Derek Kehoe (G), 2 John Davis (TT), 3 Pat Lennon (G).
Ladies junior high jump: 1 Coraline Lemaitre (G), 2 Ellen Purcell (G).
Ladies senior high jump: 1 Niamh McCullagh (G).
Men’s junior high jump: 1 Rory McGabhann (KCH), 2 Zack Denieffe (G), 3 Patrick Darcy (BR).
Men’s senior high jump: 1 Padraig Crawford (G), 2 Eoin Power (SJ).
Ladies junior javelin: 1 Kate Cullen (BR), 2 Coraline Lemaitre (G), 3 Ellen Purcell (G).
Ladies senior javelin: 1 Catriona Corr (G), 2 Karen Nugent (KCH), 3 Niamh McCullagh (G).
Men’s junior javelin: 1 Zack Denieffe (G), 2 Patrick Darcy (BR), 3 Andrew Buggy (BR).
Men’s senior javelin: 1 Kenny Walsh (SS), 2 Adam Kelly (BR), 3 Emmett McAviney (G).
Races Abroad
The county had more athletes racing abroad this weekend. Shannon Dawkins (St Joseph’s) was in action in Scotland for the Ireland v Scotland intervarsities. The St Joseph’s and UCC athlete was second in the 400m hurdles and was also a member of the 4x400m Irish relay team.
In Belgium David Murphy (Gowran) was a member of the Irish junior 4x100m team with Cliodhna Manning (KCH) and Sophie Becker (St Joseph’s) competing in the 400m. Sophie ran 54.63 in the 400m pre-programme event with Cliodhna running 54.64 in the 400m main programme event.
Further afield Aoife Richardson (KCH), who was competing for the University of Portland, ran another personal best of 33.59 in the NCAA Western Regionals. Aoife has run this track distance for the first time this season and has claimed it as her own, going from strength to strength with each race.
Deely does it again
Last week were proud to report that Ciara Deely (KCH) had achieved the World Junior qualifying time for the 400m, with just 100th of a second to space. Now, not only has Ciara gone under the qualifying standard again, she has done so with substantially more time to spare.
Competing in the AAI games in Santry, Ciara was second in the 400m to Davicia Patterson (Beechmount Harriers) in a time of 54.68. This marks a new personal best (PB) for Ciara, a credit to her and her coach Nicola Barron.
National Combined Events
Jordan Knight showed his versatility when competing at the All-Ireland combined events in Santry. The St Joseph’s athlete was second in the boys under-16 event.
Jordan, who has become a regular at the combined events, is known for his talent in multiple events. He has medalled nationally for the last three years.
Other county athletes to compete with distinction were Maria Connolly (Gowran), Evan O’Toole (St Joseph’s), Saoirse Allen (St Senan’s) and Keelin Roche (St Senan’s).
Friday, June 1: Senior county championships and juvenile hammer, Scanlon Park 6.45pm.
Sunday, June 10: Little South Run, Kilmacow 2pm.

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