09 Aug 2022

What a busy, busy time for all athletes

What a busy, busy time for all athletes

Competitions are coming thick and fast for Kilkenny athletes, from schools to road championships and track and field. Events are keeping officials on their toes, athletes busy and the Kilkenny People full of great reporting opportunities!
This week was no different, with the first of four days of the county track and field championships taking over Scanlon Park on Sunday.
Track and Field
With blue skies and sunshine reminiscent of the start of last year’s glorious summer, day one of the juvenile county track and field was a great success in Scanlon Park on Sunday.
The hammer kicked off the programme with upwards of 50 competitors in the juvenile competition. Ireland has a long and illustrious history associated with the hammer on the international stage, with Kilkenny claiming a slice of this history. In the late 1990s, early Noughties Eileen O’Keeffe (Kilkenny City Harriers - KCH) brought Ireland to the attention of the international audience. At one point Eileen was ranked number two in the world but, since then, the county has not filled the void.
Doing their bit to fly the flag are Brow Rangers, who have not only maintained the hammer tradition in Kilkenny but also helped coaches learn and foster a love for the event within their own clubs.
Brow, St Senan’s, Gowran and St Joseph’s had athletes in hammer action on Sunday. Competition was intense and a large audience had gathered to witness an event that often, due to safety reasons, is banished to a day of its own or to some isolated corner of a competition venue.
There were gasps of delight from the crowd and plenty of interesting onlookers, amounting to a positive vibe for the county competition. In the juveniles there were some really promising throwers, from Anna Brennan (Gowran) and Eli Dunne (Brow) to Tadgh Connolly and Joe Roche (St Senan’s) along with the established junior and senior athletes, mostly Brow Rangers.
Javelin, High Jump
After the hammer competition, Brow Rangers and St Senan’s AC led the challenge for the best club - but things quickly changed as the track events kicked into action.
KCH quickly accumulated points with their under-10, 11 and 12 athletes. Molly Daly flew through the girls’ under-12 200m event, leaving the rest of the field in her wake, while Lily Ryan of St Joseph’s had a magnificent win in the 800m race.
Anil Ramsawmy (St Senan’s) had a good win in the boys’ under-12 500m while KCH had a clean sweep of the boys’ under-12 80m.
In the turbo javelin Gowran had been getting in a lot of practice of late. It paid off when they made a clean sweep of the girls’ under-10 and under-12 events.
Meanwhile at the high jump St Senan’s Issac Carew and Keelin Roche had good wins. Peter Dunne (Gowran) looked comfortable as he sailed over 1m 65cm while Evan O’Toole (St Joseph’s) had an easy task negotiating heights far greater than his own.
But it was once more Rory MacGabhann (KCH) who drew the crowd when the bar was raised to almost full height. Scaling over two metres he won the applause of the audience. He made high jump look so easy.
The girls had their 800m race on this occasion and the decision to run the girls’ under-15, 16, 17 and 19 races together produced an exciting competition.
St Senan’s are strong in this event with two of their athletes, Sophie Jackman and Tara Ramsawmy, medaling at nationals while Thomastown had national medal winner Fiona Dillon.
For the first 200m six girls were locked in a leading group. To the front of the group was Fiona Dillon. Fiona likes to run from the front and she looked very comfortable with the pace. Behind her the St Senan’s pair of Sophie Jackman and Tara Ramsawmy were within striking distance, happy to run their own race.
With 400m (the halfway stage) passed it was clear that Dillon was not going to have an easy win. At the 200m mark she made a move but Jackman went with her. With 150m to go it looked like Fiona was going to being the winner. However rounding the last bend into the home straight, the tall figure of Sophie Jackman powered into another gear and ran past - Dillon could not find the injection of pace to match her rival.
In the end it was Sophie Jackman who was the winner with Fiona Dillon second while Tara Ramsawmy (St Senan’s) crossed the line in third place. It was an exciting race.
Long jump
Victories in the long jump competitions were shared by a few clubs. Gowran had an expected win when Ailbhe Steiger took gold in the under-12 long jump. Eve Dunphy (St Senan’s) proved she was back to form again after picking up the gold in the under-13 long jump while Grace Glennon (St Joseph’s) was the surprise winner of the girls’ under-14.
Abbie O’Brien (KCH) won the girls’ under-15 title while Katie Taylor was another expected winner in the girls’ under-16 event. Anna Cass (Thomastown) repeated her performance from last year to take the girls’ under-17 title while Jennifer Leahy (KCH) was no surprise on the podium for the girls’ under-18/19 event.
The boys had the discus with athletes like Tadgh Connolly (St Senan’s) and Eli Dunne (Brow Rangers) taking the top honours in their respective age groups. In the relays it was KCH who dominated all age groups, with a clean sweep in the girls’ under-13.
There were two senior events held on the track, the men’s and women’s 1,500m. While many of the county’s emerging distance talents were absent there were fine wins for St Senan’s in the form of Aoife Allen and Jonathan Crowley.
Overall standings
With the championship starting at under-10 and running right up to under-19, KCH currently top the poll in the race for the best club. The city club amassed 160.5 points from Sunday’s competition and lead from St Senan’s AC in second place with 98 points. Gowran AC aren’t far behind on 90 points while St Joseph’s are fourth on 54 points.
In the senior competition KCH lead with 14 points from Brow with 12. Gowran are third on seven points, one point ahead of St Senan’s. With just one day of the championships now complete it is going to be an exciting run of competitions right up to May 31.
National 5K
The national 5km road championships were held in the Phoenix Park, Dublin on Saturday. Unusually for Kilkenny there was just one participant from the county, but Bronagh Kearns (St Senan’s) duly delivered the goods.
Bronagh, who has made a fantastic resurgence in her athletic career over the last year, finished third in the women’s national road 5km. The winner was Catherina McKiernan (Ananalee) in 17.15, with Mary Mulhare of Portlaoise second in 17.29. Kearns was third in 17.41 – a new personal best.
Results, Kilkenny county track and field championships (club code: BH = Barrow Harriers, BR = Brow Rangers, CC = Castlecomer, G = Gowran, SJ = St Joseph’s, SS = St Senan’s, TT = Thomastown:)
Boys’ U-15 250H: 1 Naoise Gilmartin (SS), 2 David Williams (SS), 3 Darragh Nolan (G).
Boys’ U-16 250H: 1 Evan O’Toole (SJ), 2 Ethan Butler (SS), 3 Luke Phelan (G).
Boys’ U-17 300H: 1 Jordan Knight (SJ), 2 Cathal O’Reilly (CC).
Boys/ U-18/19 400H: 1 Peter Dunne (G).
Girls’ U-15 250H: 1 Abbie O’Brien (KCH), 2 Orla Kenny (KCH), 3 Maria Connolly (G).
Girls’ U-16 250H: 1 Rachel Leahy (KCH), 2 Tara McGuire (KCH), 3 Saoirse Allen (SS).
Girls’ U-17 300H: 1 Clodagh Monahan (SS).
Girls’ U-18/19 400H: 1 Sophie Jackman (SS).
Girls’ U-8 80m: 1 Ellen Quinlan (SS), 2 Aoibhinn Kelly (KCH), 3 Aoibhinn Lacey (KCH).
Girls’ U-9 80m: 1 Ali McDonald (KCH), 2 Mia Brennan (TT), 3 Amelia O’Brien (KCH).
Girls’ U-10 80m: 1 Aisling Phelan (CC), 2 Zoe Beck (TT), 2 Holly Drennan (G), 2 Ellen Daly (KCH).
Girls’ U-11 80m: 1 Kate Maher (KCH), 2 Katie O’Shea (TT), 3 Emma Hogan (KCH).
Boys’ U-8 80m: 1 Marcus Lyons (KCH), 2 Darragh O’Callaghan (KCH), 3 Joey Bolger (BH).
Boys’ U-9 80m: 1 Jack Gamble (CC), 2 Aaron Carrigan (G), 3 Aidan Malone (G).
Boys’ U-10 80m: 1 Robert Cullen (KCH), 2 Robert Coogan (G), 3 Patrick Wall (KCH).
Boys’ U-11 80m: 1 Matthias Quaglia (KCH), 2 Odhran Prendergast (G), 3 Tiernan O’Brien (KCH).
Boys’ U-12 80m: 1 Oisin Henderson (KCH), 2 Eoin Moore (KCH), 3 Cormac Holden (KCH).
Boys’ U-13 80m: 1 Patrick Lacey (KCH), 2 Darragh Dunne (G), 3 Louis Raggett (KCH).
Boys’ U-14 80m: 1 Sean Young (KCH), 2 Eoin Aylward (SS), 3 Alex Cullen (KCH).
Girls’ U-12 200m: 1 Molly Daly (KCH), 2 Ruth Crowley (KCH), 3 Megan O’Reilly (TT), 3 Ailbhe Steiger (G).
Girls’ U-13 200m: 1 Pia Langton (KCH), 2 Eve Dunphy (SS), 3 Grace Delahunty (KCH).
Girls’ U-14 200m: 1 Blaithin Holden (KCH), 2 Grace Glennon (SJ), 3 Aoife O’Shea (TT).
Girls’ U-15 200m: 1 Abbie O’Brien (KCH), 2 Orla Kenny (KCH), 3 Rachel Foley (SJ).
Girls’ U-16 200m: 1 Katie Taylor (SJ), 2 Erin Foley (SJ), 3 Tara McGuire (KCH).
Girls’ U-17 200m: 1 Anna Cass (TT), 2 Isobel Ryan (TT).
Girls’ U-18/19 200m: 1 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), 2 Linda Lawlor (SJ), 3 Lizzie McGee (KCH).
Girls’ U-8 200m: 1 Ellen Quinlan (SS), 2 Aoibhinn Kelly (TT), 3 Alison Ryan (TT).
Boys’ U-8 200m: 1 Eddie Bolger (BH), 2 Darragh O’Callaghan (KCH), 3 Marcus Lyons (KCH).
Boys’ U-9 200m: 1 Aaron Carrigan (G), 2 Darragh O’Flaherty (KCH), 3 Peter Quinn (KCH).
Boys’ U-10 200m: 1 Robert Coogan (G), 2 Darragh Carroll (G), 3 Robert Cullen (KCH).
Boys’ U-15 100m: 1 Conor Byrne (KCH), 2 Keelin Roche (SS), 3 Darragh Nolan (G).
Boys’ U-16 100m: 1 Ethan Butler (SS), 2 Cillian Dunne (G).
Boys’ U-17 100m: 1 Jordan Knight (SJ).
Boys’ U-11 500m: 1 Robert Lacey (KCH), 2 Paul Millea (KCH), 3 Tiernan O’Brien (KCH).
Boys’ U-12 500m: 1 Anil Ramaswamy (SS), 2 Oisin Henderson (KCH), 3 Jamie Cahalan (CC).
Boys’ U-13 500m: 1 Isaac Caew (SS), 2 Patrick Lacey (KCH), 3 Darragh Dunne (G).
Boys’ U-14 500m: 1 Eoin Aylward (SS), 2 Sean Young (KCH), 3 Ben Wallis (SS).
Girls’ U-11 500m: 1 Kate Maher (KCH), 2 Martha Bergin (KCH), 3 Megan Kinsella (BH).
Boys’ U-15 400m: 1 Conor Byrne (KCH), 2 Billy Coogan (G), 3 Luke Phelan (G).
Boys’ U-16 400m: 1 Cillian Dunne (G).
Boys’ U-17 400m: 1 Jordan Knight (G).
Girls’ U-9 300m: 1 Katie Byrne (BH), 2 Mia Brennan (TT), 3 Emma Nicol (BH).
Girls’ U-10A 300m: 1 Ellen Daly (KCH), 2 Dearbhla Ryan (SJ), 3 Orla Carroll (G).
Girls’ U-10B 300m: 1 Aisling Phelan (CC), 2 Holly Drennan (G), 3 Zoe Beck (TT).
Girls’ U-12 800m: 1 Lily Ryan (SJ), 2 Clodagh O’Callaghan (KCH), 3 Emer Cormack (KCH).
Girls’ U-13 800m: 1 Pia Langton (KCH), 2 Eve Dunphy (SS), 3 Charlotte Carpendale (SS).
Girls’ U-14 800m: 1 Orlaith Kirwan (TT), 2 Louis Gilmore (KCH), 3 Laura Challoner (TT).
Girls’ U-15 800m: 1 Marie O’Keeffe (TT), 2 Molly O’Dornan (CC), 3 Kate O’Neill (CC).
Girls’ U-16 800m: 1 Fiona Dillon (TT), 2 Saoirse Allen (SS).
Girls’ U-17 800m: 1 Hannah O’Keeffe (TT).
Girls’ U-18/19 800m: 1 Sophie Jackman (SS), 2 Tara Ramaswamy (SS), 3 Aoife Allen (SS).
Girls’ U-10 turbo javelin: 1 Niamh Brennan (G), 2 Doireann Corr (G), 3 Anna Kelsey (G).
Girls’ U-11 turbo javelin: 1 Kathy Phelan (G), 2 Aisling Mullally (SJ), 3 Amy O’Shea (TT).
Girls’ U-12 turbo javelin: 1 Orlaith Brennan (G), 2 Lucy Coomey (G), 3 Ailbhe Steiger (G).
Girls’ U-13 javelin: 1 Hazel Coogan (G), 2 Keela Lawlor (BR), 3 Aine O’Callaghan (SS).
Girls’ U-14 javelin: 1 Charlotte Hutchinson (BR), 2 Molly Long (SS), 3 Rachel O’Neill (G).
Girls’ U-15 javelin: 1 Sophie Roche (SS), 2 Katelyn Hennessy (KCH), 3 Emily Murphy (CC).
Girls’ U-16 javelin: 1 Erin Foley (SJ), 2 Tara McGuire (KCH), 3 Katie Taylor (SJ).
Girls’ U-17 javelin: 1 Eve O’Dwyer (G), 2 Robyn Denieffe (G), 3 Anna Cass (TT).
Girls’ U-18/19 javelin: 1 Kate Cullen (BR), 2 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), 3 Lizzie McGee (KCH).
Girls’ U-14 hammer: 1 Anna Brennan (G), 2 Charlotte Hutchinson (BR), 3 Aine Cooper (SS).
Girls’ U-15 hammer: 1 Sally-Anne O’Brien (SS), 2 Sophie Roche (SS), 3 Grainne Healy (BR).
Girls’ U-16 hammer: 1 Molly Long (SS), 2 Patricia Brennan (BR).
Girls’ U-17 hammer: 1 Eve O’Dwyer (G), 2 Robyn Denieffe (G).
Girls’ U-18/19 hammer: 1 Kate Cullen (BR), 2 Darcy Hutchinson (BR).
Boys’ U-14 hammer: 1 Eli Dunne (BR), 2 Ben Wallis (SS), 3 Eoin Aylward (SS).
Boys’ U-15 hammer: 1 David Williams (SS), 2 Billy Coogan (G), 3 Gearoid Long (SS).
Boys’ U-16 hammer: 1 Tadgh Connolly (SS), 2 Joe Roche (SS), 3 Evan Walsh-Brennan (SS).
Boys’ U-17 hammer: 1 Peter Dunne (G).
Boys’ U-18/19 hammer: 1 Andrew Buggy (BR).
Girls’ U-10 long jump: 1 Zoe Beck (TT), 2 Aisling Phelan (CC), 3 Ellen Daly (KCH).
Girls’ U-11 long jump: 1 Katie O’Shea (TT), 2 Aisling Mulllally (SJ), 3 Emma Hogan (KCH).
Girls’ U-12 long jump: 1 Ailbhe Steiger (G), 2 Ruth Crowley (KCH), 3 Sara Foley (SJ).
Girls’ U-13 long jump: 1 Eve Dunphy (SS), 2 Pia Langton (KCH), 3 Hannah Quinn (KCH).
Girls’ U-14 long jump: 1 Grace Glennon (SJ), 2 Blaithin Holden (KCH), 3 Aoife Healy/Louisa Gilmore (KCH).
Girls’ U-15 long jump: 1 Abbie O’Brien (KCH), 2 Ella Delahunty (KCH), 3 Orla Kenny (KCH).
Girls’ U-16 long jump: 1 Katie Taylor (SJ), 2 Erin Foley (SJ), 3 Tara McGuire (KCH).
Girls’ U-17 long jump: 1 Anna Cass (TT), 2 Isobel Ryan (TT).
Girls’ U-18/19 long jump: 1 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), 2 Lizzie McGee (KCH).
Boys’ U-14 discus: 1 Eli Dunne (BR), 2 Ben Wallis (SS), 3 Eoin Aylward (SS).
Boys’ U-15 discus: 1 Keelin Roche (SS), 2 Luke Phelan (G), 3 Billy Coogan (G).
Boys’ U-16 discus: 1 Tadgh Connolly (SS), 2 Joe Roche (SS), 3 Ethan Butler (SS).
Boys’ U-17 discus: 1 Jordan Knight (SJ), 2 Cathal O’Reilly (CC).
Boys’ U-18/19 discus: 1 Peter Dunne (G).
Boys’ U-12 high jump: 1 Luke Browne (KCH), 2 Anil Ramaswamy (SS), 3 James Kelsey (G).
Boys’ U-13 high jump: 1 Isaac Carew (SS), 2 Patrick Lacey (KCH), 3 Louis Raggett (KCH).
Boys’ U-14 high jump: 1 Alex Cullen (KCH), 2 Eoin Aylward (SS), 3 Adam Slawinski (KCH).
Boys’ U-15 high jump: 1 Keelin Roche (SS), 2 Darragh Nolan (G), 3 Sean Og Hetherington (KCH).
Boys’ U-16 high jump: 1 Evan O’Toole (SJ), 2 Mateusz Balcer (KCH), 3 Ethan Butler (SS).
Boys’ U-17 high jump: 1 Jordan Knight (SJ).
Boys’ U-18/19 high jump: 1 Rory MacGabhann (KCH), 2 Peter Dunne (G).
Girls’ U-11 4x100m relay: 1 KCH, 2 Thomastown, 3 Barrow Harriers.
Girls’ U-13 4x100m relay: 1 KCH, 2 KCH, 3 KCH.
Girls’ U-15 4x100m relay: 1 KCH, 2 St Joseph’s, 3 Castlecomer.
Girls’ U-17 4x100m relay: 1 St Joseph’s, 2 Thomastown.
Boys’ U-11 4x100m relay: 1 KCH, 2 Gowran, 3 Gowran.
Boys’ U-13 4x100m relay: 1 KCH, 2 KCH, 3 Gowran.
Boys’ U-15 4x100m relay: 1 KCH, 2 Gowran.
Junior women’s 1,500m: 1 Aoife Allen (SS).
Senior women’s 1,500m: 1 Caoimhe Foley (KCH), 2 Kate Millea (KCH).
Over-30 1,500m: 1 Catriona Corr (G), 2 Tracey Malone (SJ).
Senior men’s 1,500m: 1 Jonathan Crowley (SS), 2 Adrian Cunningham (G), 3 John Leamy (G).
Over-35 1,500m: 1 Graham Bourne (KCH), 2 Declan Walsh (KCH).
Over-50: 1 John Phelan (KCH), 2 John Davis (TT), 3 Mick Walsh (G).
Men’s senior hammer: 1 Ciaran Coady (BR), 2 Patrick Darcy (BR), 3 Adam Kelly (BR).
Women’s junior hammer: 1 Emma Kelly (BR).
Women’s senior hammer: 1 Aoife Coady (BR), 2 Verena Fenlon (SJ), 3 Kate Millea (KCH).

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