Kilkenny participants wanted for for new RTÉ show - Operation Covid Nation

Michaela O'Dea


Michaela O'Dea


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Dr Eddie with fellow Operation Transformation experts and presenter Kathryn Thomas

RTÉ is launching Operation Covid Nation on RTÉ One in April 2020 in response to social distancing and isolation measures.

The team from Operation Transformation have a plan to help people stay healthy, in mind and body, as people are having to live apart from family and friends and the normal routine of everyday life.

Kathryn Thomas and the team of experts Aoife Hearne, Karl Henry, Dr Eddie Murphy and Dr Sumi Dunne will be helping households deal with the reality of isolation and how we can all play our part in supporting the most vulnerable by our own actions.

RTÉ want to hear from households from across the country to capture how they are coping behind closed doors since Covid-19 arrived in Ireland. Whether you are living alone, in a house share, working from home, adapting to home school your children and have chosen to self-isolate Operation Transformation experts want to support and help you.

Four households will be chosen for this series. The production will install unmanned cameras in the home to see how each household is living day to day. Each household will be paid an appearance fee for participation in the series.

The strict social distancing guidelines will be followed by all production team members to avoid any contact with the household members.

Should you and your household wish to be considered for this unique series, please visit where you will find the application form.