Poll: Should sulkies be banned from Kilkenny's streets?

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Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Should it be banned?

Two young children ride a sulky on the Hebron Road in Kilkenny City

Yes: A total ban on the use of sulkies on public roads is needed


No: But all horse-drawn vehicles should be licensed, insured and age-restricted


No: There is no problem with how sulkies are currently regulated


No: The current rules in place are already too restrictive


With another horse death in Kilkenny this week, the issue of sulkies and how horse-drawn vehicles operate on our roads is back in the spotlight.

Sulky racing has already been banned from Kilkenny's public roads under by-laws - but does more need to be done? Some people have called for an all-out ban, others for more regulation, while some people have said a very small minority is flouting the law.