Video: Deer pick their moment to cross Kilkenny road

Did Santa leave some of his helpers behind?

Kilkenny People


Kilkenny People


Santa may have left a few of his helpers behind him during his recent visit to North Kilkenny and he might well have to come back for them.

These young deer chose their moment to cross the Kilrush Road at Freshford late last night. The motorist, who caught it on dashcam, had their wits about them and was exercising caution given the icy temperatures.

Local councillor Mick McCarthy has reminded road users in the area to be vigilant and use caution to avoid potential collisions. He says there have been fewer incidents in recent weeks, but the herd remain active in the area.

Back in October, the occupants of a car, including two children, were left badly shaken after a collision with deer on the same road. The deer landed in front of the vehicle, causing significant damage to it.