Pictures: Frontline workers enjoy a round of golf at Kilkenny hotel Mount Juliet

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Kilkenny People


Kilkenny People

2 Dec 2021


A special lighting up ceremony took place at Mount Juliet on Tuesday, with the Thomastown venue inviting over 50 hospital staff to play a round at the golf course as they kick off the Christmas season.

Frontline workers from St Luke's General Hospital Kilkenny, University Hospital Waterford and St Columba’s Hospital Thomastown, all attended for the official Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

"As a gesture of hope and solidarity during this Covid-19 pandemic we honour our frontline workers and all those who are affected and have lost loved ones, we shine our light," said orgainsers.

It was part of an initiative involving the Kilkenny Lions Club and their toy drop appeal  which is happening at Mount Juliet. The staff and the team at Mount Juliet are going to deliver toys and donate them to the charity for Kilkenny.