Kilkenny brewery site carpark to be open before end of year

Councillors give the go-ahead for temporary 132-space capark, with room for seven buses

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



The section of the Abbey Quarter site, outlined in red, where the proposed development is to be located

A temporary carpark, with seven spaces for buses and 132 spaces for cars, has been given the go-ahead on part of the former brewery site, the Abbey Quarter.

The proposed site is located between the St Francis Bridge and the River Breagagh, and will be accessed from St Francis Bridge. The development will be for a period of up to five years, pending the progression of long-term development proposals for the site in accordance with the site Masterplan.

It’s expected that work on the carpark will get under way in early autumn, with the temporary parking facility to be in place before the end of the year.

Councillors, with the exception of Cllr Malcolm Noonan, previously agreed to vary the Development Plan to provide for the option of the carpark. A Part 8 Consultation process began thereafter. Some submissions received expressed support for the project, while others expressed concerns.

In her Part 8 Chief Executive’s report circulated at Monday’s meeting of Kilkenny County Council, Colette Byrne recommended the proposed development go ahead. It received the backing of members, again with the exception of Cllr Noonan.

In a statement, Kilkenny County Council said the development will provide a short term use for part of the site of benefit to the local community and the local economy.

“The proposal will ensure that the use of the former brewery site is optimised in the short term, recognising that the permanent development of the overall Abbey Quarter site will be undertaken on a phased basis that will take a number of years to complete,” it said.

“The provision of coach parking spaces in the Irishtown area of the city will provide a much needed tourist facility in this area, facilitating visitors to the visitor attractions at the northern end of the Medieval Mile and providing an alternative to the current coach parking at Kilkenny Castle.

"The provision of additional car parking will also assist visitors to the city and will provide a short term solution for parking to facilitate the development of the Abbey Quarter site, while proposals for permanent parking facilities to serve the Abbey Quarter development are progressed."