Want to shorten February? - Take the Freezebrury clhallenge

Join the Kilkenny Freezebrurys and take a dip for charity

Submerge your body every day in February and help a great charity

Sean Keane


Sean Keane



Talke the freezebrury challenge. Call Neil on 0851234560

A group of Freeezebrurys last week at the Bleach Road swimming spot in Kilkenny

What started out as a chilling, daredevil pursuit has turned into a heartwarming fundraiser for a wonderful charity.
Each day during the month of February a group of around 30 brave Kilkenny residents go for a dip in the Nore. The goal of the Freezebrury Challenge is to complete cold water immersion daily for the month increasing the duration by one minute each day until February 29 for 29 minutes.
The participants must follow these simple guidelines: No wetsuits; chest height immersion and one dunk in the river.
They would love to raise more awareness of the challenge and their fundraising efforts and encourage others to try it out and give their support.

Because Freezebrury was started as a positive mental health initiative all money raised will go towards Teac Tom which provides counselling and Support Services in the Community.
If you would like to join the Freezebrury Challenge for the rest of the month just get in touch with Neil on 0851234560.
“The more people we have the better and we will be dipping in every day this week,” he said.