New Kilkenny garda station needed as number of cars grows - councillor

Planning ahead: Fitzgerald says traffic congestion on Dominic Street an issue

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Kilkenny needs a new Garda station, potentially co-located with a new fire station for the city, according to local councillor David Fitzgerald.

At Friday’s meeting of Kilkenny City Municipal District, Cllr Fitzgerald said he had been approached by a resident of Dominic Street about the issue of congestion. He said there was no doubt gardaí now have more staff and more cars than they have had for years, which was positive, but there was an issue on Dominic Street.

“I would like to know when we are going to get a new garda station, because we need a new garda station,” he said.

“The current situation where vehicles are parked in that area causing traffic congestion is a total contradiction in terms.”

Senior engineer Simon Walton said the council had noted the issues with parking on Dominic Street, and said that garda cars are one of the few vehicles exempt from double-yellow lines.

Director of services Tim Butler said the council had discussed the matter with the Chief Superintendent and it was acknowledged there was an issue. He said the gardaí required the vehicles to be close by and accessible at all times, and “they try as much as possible not to cause congestion”.

Mr Butler also said that in relation to an overall move of the garda station, it was not something the Chief Superintendent would have total control over, but that there were discussions taking place.


A key action for Kilkenny County Council under its service delivery plan for 2019 is to identify and plan for a new site for Kilkenny City Fire Station.

Later during Friday’s meeting, Cllr Fitzgerald suggested a joint site be considered for a new garda station and a new fire station.