VIDEO: Spot the otter! Kilkenny's newest celebrity gets papped by The People

Christopher Dunne


Christopher Dunne


The otter is usually a highly secretive creature that people tend to only get rare glimpses of at certain hours but Kilkenny's latest celebrity seems to bask in the limelight!

In recent weeks this otter has been spotted swimming the length and breadth of John's Quay from early in the morning to late at night. 

According to the Vincent Wildlife Trust: "The territories of otters can stretch for several kilometres; the total length of the home range depends on the availability of food. 

"Otters that live in rivers and lakes tend to be completely nocturnal, described as being crepuscular – activity peaks at dusk and dawn. Foraging at night or in ‘muddy’ water is aided by their highly sensitive whiskers, which detect their prey items. Otters are principally piscivorous, relying predominantly on salmonids (salmon and trout), but also eel and small fish species such as stickleback."

Kilkenny's rebel otter seems to buck the nocturnal trend and has been a source of delight for wildlife enthusiasts, tourists, children and adults alike who spot it staking its claim to our beautiful medieval city.