Kilkenny dogs shine in canine competition

Shauna Mc Hugh


Shauna Mc Hugh


Six Kilkenny dogs have made it to the final of Petmania’s Real Dogs competition, which focuses on pet personalities.

The Real Dogs campaign has seen pet parents analyse and understand their dogs’ personalities. The competition is unique as it has emphasised the wonderful personalities that dogs have, instead of the usual aesthetic and cuteness focused competitions. There were six different categories, the Thrill-seeker, the Jester, the Foodie, the Explorer, the Chaser and the Buddy.

The first Kilkenny finalist is Joey, he is a Cocker Spaniel in the Buddy category. Joey is a rescue dog, when he was a puppy he was diagnosed with right sided heart failure, he is now three and a half and a strong happy dog. He loves cuddling his owner while watching TV, walking and swimming. Joey loves to play, and he is great around kids- making him the perfect Buddy.

The second Kilkenny finalist is Bailey who is a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix in the Chaser section. At just ten months old, Bailey is lively and loves to chase.

Thirdly is Rusty who is in the Explorer category. Rusty is a seven-year-old tri-colour Jack Russell. A natural born adventurer, you can find him hiking the forests, mountains and beaches of the sunny South East. He's a regular explorer of the road less travelled. He loves nothing more than sniffing out new, weird and wonderful places.

The fourth Kilkenny finalist is Buttons, a Shih Tzu in the Jester category. He loves to play, so much so that he is known to frequently drop a frisbee on his owner’s head to wake her up to play.

Clyde is the fifth Kilkenny finalist, also in the Jester category. He is a German Pointer mixed with an Irish Setter. Clyde can be found in his owner’s bed covered in mud or even in the washing machine! He is a joker but full of love.

The last Kilkenny finalist is Rodger, a Springer Spaniel in the Thrill-seeker category. He is a rescue dog and was very nervous due to being treated badly. He is now five years old and very happy and confident. 

Expert dog behaviourist Suzi Walsh applauds the Real Dogs campaign, saying “I think Petmania's Real Dogs competition is a great way of understanding your dog more and appreciating that each dog has their own individual personality. It allows dog owners to realise how well they know their best friend.”

For more information, and to check out the finalists visit or call into the Petmania store in Kilkenny which is located in Kilkenny Retail and Business Park, Ring Rd, Loughboy, Kilkenny City.