All Time Greats

Battle to commence for the title of Kilkenny's All Time Great

Final 16 revealed!

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney


Battle to commence for the title of Kilkenny's All Time Great

The search is on for the Kilkenny People All Time Greats

Since its launch a few weeks ago, the search for Kilkenny's All Time Great has certainly been generating some conversation with suggestions coming in from near and far. Now the nominations are in and the shortlisting is underway as the Kilkenny People prepares to find out who readers believe is Kilkenny's All Time Great.

The search drew people from all sections of the community: business, charity, sport, entertainment, politics and historical.

A series of polls pitting our nominees head-to-head to make it to the quarter-final, the semi-final and eventually, the final will start this Friday!

Could we see Brian Cody doing battle with Henry Shefflin?  Who knows? All will be revealed in the coming weeks. It’s the ultimate quest for Kilkenny's All Time Great and you, the reader, will decide who is truly worthy of this prestigious accolade.

Our 16 Finalists - click on each name to find out more!

Brian Cody

Henry Shefflin

George Clooney

Vicky Phelan

Tony O'Malley

Margaret Tynan

Edmund Ignatius Rice

Willie Duggan

Hubert Butler

Angela Downey

Seamus Pattison

Eddie Keher

Lady Desart

Eamon Langton

Paddy Mullins

James Hoban