One-lane Kennyswell Road 'a death trap' says Kilkenny councillor

Cars are being damaged says Cllr Eugene McGuinness

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


City Hall Kilkenny

The meeting of Kilkenny City Municipal District, which usually takes place at City Hall, took place online via Microsoft Teams

A local councillor has said that the busy Kennyswell Road is reduced to one-lane traffic at times and as the area has become more popular, it is a death trap.

Cllr Eugene McGuinness says vehicles are also being damaged as a result.

“At this moment in time it is a death trap, and needs to be looked at. It’s effectively one-lane traffic up the Kennyswell Road,” he told the October meeting of Kilkenny City Municipal District.

“It’s not an accident waiting to happen, it’s an accident which has already happened. There’s quite a number of cars damaged down there as a consequence. I’d really like us as a council to look at it and see what we can do for the entire area.”

City engineer Ian Gardner said he was aware of the issue. “Parking should not get in the way of the free flow of traffic, so we will have a look at that and see can we come up with a proposal in the short term to resolve that problem,” he said.